Monday, March 20, 2017

Conditions as of April 20, 2018

Genesee River (Letchworth State Park):  Thanks to the weather of late, the river continues to run at an ideal level.  There is plenty of space available this coming Saturday, 04/21.  Reservations are encouraged and wetsuits are mandatory.  Although there is still quite a bit of water being held behind the dam at the North end of the park, the takeout access road at St. Helena has not been adversely impacted yet, nor does it appear likely at this point.    

Salmon River (Pulaski, NY): The release schedule for 2018 is as follows; 07/074, 07/08, 07/21, 07/22, 08/04, 08/05, 09/01, and 09/02.  We are already taking reservations so please get in touch as soon as you have a date in mind to ensure you get your first choice.

Cattaraugus Creek (Gowanda, NY):  Although we no longer operate on the Cattaraugus there is an alternative.  All inquiries should be directed to our friends at Zoar Valley Canoe and Rafting Company; (716)-410-2824.                 

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