Monday, March 20, 2017

Conditions as of April 19, 2017

Genesee River (Letchworth State Park): More rain is forecast for tomorrow so it is likely we will again be rafting in ideal conditions again for the coming weekend.  There is space available on both Saturday, 04/22 and Sunday, 04/23.  Reservations are recommended and wetsuits are still required.       

Cattaraugus Creek (Gowanda, NY): Assuming it rains on Thursday as predicted we anticipate rafting through the canyon this weekend with above average flows.  Space is available both Saturday and Sunday, reservations are required, as are wetsuits.                  

Salmon River (Pulaski, NY): The 2017 release schedule is; 07/08, 07/09, 07/22, 07/23, 08/05, and 08/06.  We are already accepting reservations for the three summer weekends.  There is plenty of snow cover in the watershed (over six feet deep in Redfield, NY) and we are not anticipating a repeat of last summer's cancellations as of right now.  

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